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Melt Yourself Down is a collaborative project featuring something of a who's who's who of musicians working in the regions around jazz, improv, punk and more. Made up of former members of Acoustic Ladyland and current members of Heliocentrics, Zun Zun Egui and Polar bear among others.

Fitting the members' diverse backgrounds, Melt Yourself Down's is a thrilling hybrid sound, touching on jazz, African music, post-punk, psych-rock and the kind of fierce jazz/rock fusions that Wareham's other bands are renowned for. A riot of noise and colour, they rip the heart from the remains of Acoustic Ladyland and deliver it to the party, still beating. Reanimated with intense, sweaty funk, uplifting horns and blistering Nubain drums, these are six musical heavyweights with more energy than the sun.

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